Cybersecurity, a rising priority

Cybersecurity, a rising priority

Cyber-attacks are threatening us all! What measures to take for your protection?

The increasing reliance on technology and the continuous advance of the internet over our lifestyle, in a context where privacy and confidentiality of data are under threat, led us to an inherent need to develop practices and measures specially adjusted to the virtual reality of the moment.

Cyber-attacks are common currency in today’s digital paradigm, data protection can no longer resist simple traditional formats. The stakes are higher and the challenges we face demand a more detailed level of sophistication.

The warning is not limited to big corporations, individuals and small organizations are also under alert. Sensitive information thieves have no boundaries. Developing a system capable of meeting the challenges of the evolving circumstances, strong passwords, and pertinent cloud security need to be embraced.

Several governments, starting with The European Union, have already joined the cybersecurity awareness movement, incorporating initiatives that reduce the scope of data loss, and at the same time, give place to an effective process that warns of any type of irregularities.

Data breaches involve a wide variety of possibilities going from the financial type, like credit card numbers, to health (PHI). The list of information leaks goes on and on.

The impact of cybersecurity is complex, leaving aside the economic costs involved, reputation and regulatory implications should also be balanced. For this reason, it is key to educate staff, invest in relevant tools to reduce potential risks, and turn modern technology into an ally, taking advantage of all of the management solutions it has to offer.

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