How to make my content available on an OTT platform

How to make my content available on an OTT platform

It is time for content creators to develop their own apps. The latest OTT trend is defined by influencers, entrepreneurs and small businesses that use these apps as a means to broaden their audiences and brands.

However, for these types of content creators, examining mountains of unorganized videos can be a tough task. Additionally, hosting, storing and delivering these voluptuous files can pose even more obstacles.

In order to overcome these challenges and achieve professional broadcast, content management system (CMS) support is essential. Taking advantage of a good CMS is the ideal method to reduce administrative expenses, take better care of audiences and generate incomes.

Given that most OTT app development platforms include CMS support, users can format and store content on central repositories that can be easily intakes and shared online.

As with any commercial company, possibilities of success will increase if a target audience is defined and if content creation is clearly delimited for it. Some useful tips to keep in mind:

. Know your audience

. Be aware of what delights them

. Make sure to offer something that cannot be easily found somewhere else

Whether you have a small or a big subscriber base, you can reduce investment risks and boost a more profitable growth by acting as operator in the development of your OTT app.

Our platform was exclusively designed by experts with the aim of offering the best video broadcast tools through a CMS. Therefore  guarantees that content can be easily found and allowing you to easily manage your video library growth with no codification whatsoever.

With Goose, you will be able to:

. Keep all your content in one place

. Reach target audiences wherever they are through any device

. Synchronize app updates automatically

. Access distribution support in the main application stores

. Have complete control over user data

Three key steps in developing your own OTT app

You will not need any coding knowledge or experience in order to configure and package your OTT app and you will be able to broadcast your content in any country and region arround the world.

Our online platform stores all your information so that you can manage channels and EPG data quickly and easily.

These are the steps to follow:

1. Configuration

This step consists of setting the design and general outline of your app (brand, logos, colors, etc.) as well as the monetization method. Everything established during this step is compiled into a downloadable OTT app.

2. Testing

This step consists of carrying out a quality control of your app. This is the stage to check for app functionality.

3. Presentation

This crucial step can confirm or change your app launch date. It consists of platforms verifying your app and deciding whether they accept to distribute it or not. Depending on the platform, revision may take within a few days to a few weeks. Goose offers you support on the launching of your app in the different app stores (Android, Apple, Microsoft, etc.).

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