New Trends in the working Paradigm

New Trends in the working Paradigm

Employees prefer to earn less but work from home.

Global Workplace Analytics findings show that over a third of all remote employees would rather have a 10% pay cut in exchange for a work-from-home arrangement.

Labor relations changed. Remote work automatically involved a wider scope over the hiring reach, the distance between home and work locations is becoming less of an impediment, geographic boundaries are fading away, featuring smaller economies, feeding a stronger competitive spirit when selecting talent, and encouraging new opportunities.

Times change, so does business.

Let’s take a deeper look at the concrete benefits encouraged by this growing trend:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Conditions suited for the possibility of working from anywhere
  • Not having to commute
  • More quality time available

However, structuring this type of dynamic requires a careful follow-up, starting with having solid backup technology, suitable working tools, developed cybersecurity, and the creation of a place dedicated for employers to meet and exchange, a space specially designed to make workers feel supported and part of their team. All these elements combined with a cultural perspective capable of guaranteeing a functioning and harmonious remote work system.

2020 lockdown represented a turning point in many areas, work is no exception, its performance and employees engagement towards it experienced several changes. Concepts such as “home office”, which were slowly gaining popularity before the pandemic, became in the blink of an eye fundamental players in every business dictionary.

Today employees demand flexible working atmospheres, expectations are focused on embracing policies with a wider human approach, a people-centric view is required when it comes to retaining staff. This human-centric tendency is only expected to reinforce in the upcoming years and there is no industry capable of ignoring it. Remote work is here to stay.

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