Sports content is moving towards streaming ecosystems

Sports content is moving towards streaming ecosystems

The world of sports and its traditional transmission is undergoing major changes. The ability to adapt, keep up, and meet the demands of today’s audiences, is a key element to building and nourishing a strong community around content.

This revolution, where you can deliver videos through the Internet and OTT platforms, is growing exponentially. OTT’s new subscribers, along with the substantial investment in advertising across these platforms, reflect the emerging interest in enjoying sports through OTT, which offers a more complete and engaging experience that fans can’t help but fall in love with. 

Live content, statistics and VOD are just a few examples of the possibilities that a single application can now offer, applications that are specially designed to accomplish what better suits the clients’ demands, reaching places beyond imagination for traditional TV. 

This new array of possibilities also includes the opportunity to have access to analytics, a tool that allows providers to get to know their clients better and develop a tailor-made system that understands and fulfills their demands. Enabling easy and customized segmentation.

At first, sports leagues are expected to use OTT services as a complement to the traditional format. Nevertheless, statistics show that this picture might change over time. Without going any further, La Liga announced that OTT represents only 8% of its revenues, but expects it to grow to around 20% by 2022 and up to 50% by 2025.

As if that wasn’t enough, the development of new technologies like 5G, together with internet accessibility, glimpse a promising horizon for new services (that are currently being tested), involving multi-stream, multi-angle, virtual reality, real HD among others. With 5G, the dream of delivering a 4K full-scale experience that reaches all devices gets closer to reality.

Sports digitization is a fact, and this trend of OTT platforms will continue to prevail and grow in the following years to come. 

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