Streaming takes over

Streaming takes over

The gradual evolution of the canons of TV consumption

MVPDs’ market share continues to show an ongoing decline, according to recent studies, as streaming caught the spotlight since its appearance and gradually became the best investment opportunity for Pay-tv, replacing previous consumer models and habits.

In 2010 only 8% of U.S. broadband homes lacked MVPD service. Over time and with the increasing participation of new digital alternatives, the numbers changed. Doubling the results in 2015 and reaching 35% in 2020. 

This is just the beginning! This trend is expected to reach its peak in 2026. By then achieving, for most of the broadband homes in the US, its greatest freedom of MVPDs.

Broadband users represent the new source of business opportunities for content creators and distributors.

You can find out more about Cloud Tv, its advantages, and its strong performance in the market in our blog post: Closer to the sky, watch TV in the cloud.

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