What does the future hold for the video entertainment industry?

What does the future hold for the video entertainment industry?

The growing evolution of the market and the new players that are reshaping the game.

Digitization is winning over the different spheres of society and television and video markets are no exception. Streaming is no longer limited to a simple platform dedicated to the consumption of movies and TV programs, they have reinvented themselves, seeking to have their own content, and gradually became direct competitors to the TV. 

Today’s business opportunities have no boundaries. Influence over certain areas is an old concept that is no longer valid, the sky is the limit!

This digital earthquake brought with it a new series of requirements from clients. The consumer’s behavior has changed with VOD raising the bar on users’ demands. Clients want to have access to content that is in line with their interests, at the highest quality, fast and accessible whenever they want it, and through the format that best suits them at the time.

The constant randomness of the environment, in which expectations are constantly being pushed further beyond, makes it difficult for us to predict what the future might look like. However, here are some forecasted scenarios that Deloitte formulated to shed some light on the matter:

  1. Universal Supermarket: A place where some global digital platform companies have taken over national broadcasters.
  2. Content Endgame: A world where the market is ruled by global content producers.
  3. Revenge of the Broadcasters: In this hypothetical scenario, national broadcasters have managed digital transformation and guaranteed themselves a strong position in the television and video landscape.
  4. Lost in Diversity: Diverse Tv and video market in which all players are equally important and constantly reinventing themselves.

Which are the odds? How do you think the future will look like?

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