New Trends in the working Paradigm

Employees prefer to earn less but work from home. Global Workplace Analytics findings show that over a third of all remote employees would rather have a 10% pay cut in exchange for a work-from-home arrangement. Labor relations changed. Remote work automatically involved a wider scope over the hiring reach, the distance between home and work locations is becoming less of […]

The ultimate how-to guide to creating compelling webinars

Tips and tricks to boost webinar effectiveness and mesmerize your audience A common mistake brands tend to make has to do with their growing desire to fulfill, at all costs, the webinar checkbox on their corporate to-do list, setting aside the idea of actually thinking about generating valuable content for their audience. Indeed, webinars do have an effective impact on […]

Video artillery in the battle for engagement

More than 90% of businesses agree that video was a key factor for their development. Captivating an audience constantly exposed to different information stimulations is not an easy task. Brands need to stand out from the rest and generate eye-catching content.And what turns out to be the best answer to this need? Video Marketing. Video Marketing strategies boomed in the […]

User experience, a leading edge on everyone’s lips.

If increasing the chances of success in the marketplace is the goal, user experience is the way to go! The business’s ongoing desire to meet clients’ needs, and create new ones, has led to the development of a new kind of approach that fulfills customers’ concerns and interests. We are talking about an experience set up throughout software design, where […]

Cybersecurity, a rising priority

Cyber-attacks are threatening us all! What measures to take for your protection? The increasing reliance on technology and the continuous advance of the internet over our lifestyle, in a context where privacy and confidentiality of data are under threat, led us to an inherent need to develop practices and measures specially adjusted to the virtual reality of the moment. Cyber-attacks […]

What should we expect from the streaming industry?

2022 key players  Boosted by the restrictions triggered by the pandemic, the video streaming industry experienced ongoing growth during the last couple of years. This trend, according to statistics, is expected to reach 82% of Internet traffic by 2022.  We are witnessing a big paradigm shift in TV viewing, where the traditional format, as time goes by, fails in meeting […]

Sports content is moving towards streaming ecosystems

The world of sports and its traditional transmission is undergoing major changes. The ability to adapt, keep up, and meet the demands of today’s audiences, is a key element to building and nourishing a strong community around content. This revolution, where you can deliver videos through the Internet and OTT platforms, is growing exponentially. OTT’s new subscribers, along with the […]

Streaming takes over

The gradual evolution of the canons of TV consumption MVPDs’ market share continues to show an ongoing decline, according to recent studies, as streaming caught the spotlight since its appearance and gradually became the best investment opportunity for Pay-tv, replacing previous consumer models and habits. In 2010 only 8% of U.S. broadband homes lacked MVPD service. Over time and with […]

Why are advertisers turning towards streaming?

The evolution of TV and a rising pool of business opportunities. Today’s world is crisscrossed by digital transformation. TV is one of the many industries that were, and continue to be, affected by the advances made in technology. Almost leaving behind the days where cable was dominant, streaming has made its way and positioned itself as the new TV business […]