Highlight on kids: are streaming services safe?

Safeguard children and families with Parental control. Streaming services were also hit by the disruptive impact of digitalization. Today, in a multi-device ecosystem for on-demand streaming, the scope of exposure is much wider than it has ever been before. The availability and reach of streaming content represent a before and after for TV evolution. A completely new facet of diversity […]

Is your business able to attract and retain users?

The optimization of data to generate value for a brand has become a key element in today’s world. Times change. The bond between audience and content transformed during the last couple of years, and a new dynamic for viewing behavior took place, joined by a broad and highly competitive market where standing out in favor of users’ needs has positioned […]

Eliminate piracy risks, and safeguard content distribution over the Internet.

Our multi-DRM solution is specially designed to protect your business. The high level of diversification in content distribution in modern systems is coupled with more complex piracy strategies, implying a greater need for a more detailed and perfect solution. Today businesses face a hyper-connected environment. A place where consumers have the chance to watch any kind of content, with the […]