Netflix fights back against password sharing

The Latin American hunting ground is once again tested with an upgraded measure by Netflix. Last Monday 18th, the worldwide streaming giant, made the official announcement of new measures soon to be implemented on its platform. “We’ve worked hard to build a streaming service that’s easy to use, including for people who travel or live together. It’s great that our […]

Spotlight on June’s trending content.

From “Doctor Strange ” to “No time to Die”: all the groundbreaking series that launched this month. Things are spicing up in the market for streaming platforms, content offerings are wide. There is something specially prepared for all tastes and interests in order to capture and captivate viewers’ attention. The arrival of long-awaited content finally took place in June. After […]

Netflix empire is coming to an end?

The popular streaming platform is under a red flag. Netflix shares are at a turning point after reporting a drop of more than 35% in users and revenues. According to official sources between January and March, the company experienced a fall of 200 thousand subscribers, representing its first loss after continuous growth since October 2011. Analysis of the situation foresees […]

Google looks to avoid a cannibalistic market in the advertising industry.

The company confirmed the enforcement of stricter privacy measures for Android devices. New restrictions focused on blocking cross-app tracking on Android phones were announced a couple of days ago to safeguard user information and thus prevent data sharing across different applications. So far, Android has become an enabler for cross-app tracking by providing each device with an advertising ID, supported […]

Closer to the sky, watch TV in the cloud

Cloud TV meets new industry demands. Recently the industry has undergone several changes, demanding higher quality and a more personalized and interactive user experience. Today’s video consumption has a more customized approach, is capable of reaching multiple devices, and it also gives users the possibility to have greater control over the type of content they are interested in viewing. These […]

The allure of video content

84% of consumers tend to click buy after watching video plus are twice as likely to share it. According to Cisco, videos are expected to account the 82% of online traffic this year. There is no turning back. The participation of this kind of format in business is a one-way trip that only reinforces and improves over time. Below you […]

The E-learning legacy

How far will it go? A journey with no turning back. This string of changes and improvements in the academic system represents a big leap in its development and certainly sets a turning point in learning history. The existence of e-learning is nothing new, however, the demands of the current world led to its accelerated growth. Today’s digital scenario reflects […]

FOX Entertainment acquires MarVista

Under Szew’s leadership, MarVistahas developed an efficient infrastructure, operating systems and production models powering an average of 80 titles annually across all genres. MarVista will continue to be led by Szew. He will report to FOX Entertainment President of Production Strategy and Operations, Stefan Reinhardt. MarVista will focus on developing and producing content for FOX’s digital platforms, including the AVoD […]

Roku: a time bomb

Not long ago, it became public knowledge that Roku was having sensitive negotiations with Google, about maintaining the integration of Youtube on this platform. Only a couple of months later, Roku is once again in the eye of the hurricane. Now with another player that is none other than Amazon. According to different sources, the turning point had to do […]