A practical tour around Goose’s features

A practical tour around Goose’s features

Goose has a lot to offer to Live TV operators. Our wide variety of features and functionalities warranty end-user satisfaction, helping operators achieve a higher level of engagement with their brand, and our all-in-one solution makes content management and monetization easier than ever!

These are more reasons why our customers love Goose:

  • Content Managment System: create and scale an amazing Live TV streaming service using our intuitive CMS platform.
  • Monetization: Our platform´s flexibility allows you to choose the revenue models that work better for your business.
  • Fully Branded Experience: Create a unique application that matches your brand, with our wide variety fully white-labeled, customizable, templates and themes.
  • Analytics Tool: Our data analytics toll will allow you to access information about your user’s preferences and behaviors, to increase their satisfaction levels and achieve higher engagement and loyalty
  • Cloud-Based Linear Broadcasting: all the necessary infrastructure, cloud-based, with a 24/7 maintenance and support service guaranteed.
  • Sales Tools: Build and manage your reseller network using our Panel Sales tool.
  • All Screen Sizes: apps that fit any screen and are available for all screen sizes.
  • Playback Channels: With our playback feature, you can offer your users, the possibility of watching their favorite TV programs.
  • YouTube Playlist: Our platform supports third party content, for you to be able to offer your subscribers. 
  • Own Domain Name: No mention of the platform’s brand will appear on your product.

We developed a fully-featured platform because we understand that each business has its own needs and we want to make sure that, whatever those are, you find a solution within Goose.

If you have any doubt when using our product, remember we have a 24/7 support center available to help you!

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