Eliminate piracy risks, and safeguard content distribution over the Internet.

Eliminate piracy risks, and safeguard content distribution over the Internet.

Our multi-DRM solution is specially designed to protect your business.

The high level of diversification in content distribution in modern systems is coupled with more complex piracy strategies, implying a greater need for a more detailed and perfect solution.

Today businesses face a hyper-connected environment. A place where consumers have the chance to watch any kind of content, with the possibility of making use of it at the time, place, and device that better suits them. Breakthroughs that certainly raise the bar for further security challenges.

The question now is; which alternative represents the most promising option in this market scenario?

Due to the overwhelming variety of factors affecting the market, especially driven by all of the new format structures that emerged from the growing tendency towards the use of different devices, multi-DRM leads the way as the most cost-effective alternative.

So, what is multi-DRM all about?

Fragmented as the DRM ecosystem is, Multi-DRM software design is specifically prepared to protect content through a solution that provides support for MPEG-DASH, HLS, and MSS streaming protocols along with support for Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay Streaming.

Optimizing the DRM platform and all of its features ensures that operators will fully maximize the reach of their services and reduce time-to-market whilst achieving the highest performance and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Goose also presents a cost-effective house-built DRM solution.

Goose and Multi-DRM for content safeguarding.

Whether you are a D2C operator or a traditional Pay TV provider looking to launch its own OTT service, multi DRM or Goose house-built DRM are both effective solutions to protect your content.

Furthermore, the scope of content protection is not limited. DRM. GOOSE is open to implement other content protection techniques in the product roadmap, for example, forensic watermarks, to respond to even more stricter requirements of content protection to help your OTT business grow.

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