Is your business able to attract and retain users?

Is your business able to attract and retain users?

The optimization of data to generate value for a brand has become a key element in today’s world.

Times change. The bond between audience and content transformed during the last couple of years, and a new dynamic for viewing behavior took place, joined by a broad and highly competitive market where standing out in favor of users’ needs has positioned itself as a key factor for success.

OTT and VOD created a tendency that is only expected to grow stronger over the market share. According to research, an annual growth of 13.6% for these platforms is predicted.

Now, the big question remains on what measures should businesses apply to achieve user engagement and retention.

Just as Howard Homonoff, Digital media strategist and business transformation advisor, once stated in Forbes: “To succeed in this brave new video world, you need an alchemy of attractive content, an appealing user experience, the opportunity for personalization, and integration of data and technology”.

The deeper the bond with the viewer, the more we know their tastes, preferences, and habits, the greater will be the chances of creating an experience specially customized that they will find hard to resist and let go of.

Now then: what do viewers value the most? What do they prioritize? How much would they be willing to pay for added value? These are just a couple of triggering questions that data analytics can answer.

With Goose, you will be able to track the complete life cycle of each user and provide massive information regarding their behavior while ensuring strong support for the development of the business.

At the same time, we take care of delivering first-hand data comparisons and reports. Trends, and insights that go beyond KPIs identification. We give you a tool specially designed for you to enhance your company’s performance & fully understand its evolution.

Want to know the Watching Duration of a live channel?, the CTR of your ad performance? or maybe the number of users registered? We got it!

These are just some of the answers you will find with Goose. If you want to know more about our Analytics feature, go visit our website.

Today’s platform strategies inevitably require the deployment of measures that ensure a personalized service. With the help of data analytics, building the perfect platform for your users is now possible. 

Analytics tool will help you retain and reduce subscriber churn, focus forces on the desired target, and preview new business opportunities.

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