Highlight on kids: are streaming services safe?

Highlight on kids: are streaming services safe?

Safeguard children and families with Parental control.

Streaming services were also hit by the disruptive impact of digitalization. Today, in a multi-device ecosystem for on-demand streaming, the scope of exposure is much wider than it has ever been before.

The availability and reach of streaming content represent a before and after for TV evolution. A completely new facet of diversity emerged, implying nevertheless greater access from minors to sensitive or inappropriate content.

For this reason, precisely, many streaming companies such as Netflix , Disney+, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and Twitch opted to incorporate a feature that allows parents to manage their children’s activity on these platforms.

A new challenge arose for parents: facing the limits between the positive and negative effects that appear hand in hand with the high-level exposure linked to their kids’ digital freedom.

Children’s brains are at an early stage of development, experiencing a sponging period of constant absorption, incorporation, and response to external input, and although it may have a great deal of fun and positive experiences, however, the dilemma relies on the other side of the same coin. Is it 100% safe? Minors’ exposure to any kind of content or interaction may also imply a threat to their integrity.

The streaming platform’s answer to this issue came alongside the creation of the Parental Control function, a tool especially developed to offer age-appropriate content to your kids, with it; parents will reassure a safe space for their child’s audiovisual exposure. According to each service, users will find more or less similar options, which differ depending on the structure of the functionality deployed on the platform itself.

With Goose, you will be able to safeguard your users’ families.

Our Parental Control feature takes care of ensuring suitable entertainment channels for children so that parents can relax and fully enjoy their viewing experience without any type of remorse. With Parental Control, you´ll be able to customize kids viewing experience, while protecting them, with kid-friendly channels.

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