Content monetization with Goose

Content monetization with Goose

Big fishes like Netflix and Hulu make a lot of money with subscription models, and it’s high time we recognized that small businesses can achieve that too! If done correctly, these businesses can turn video content into a strong source of income or even the main source.

In the current digital world, video streaming solutions as a service have become one of the principal ways to interact with clients. Video streaming sites are ideal for everyone… literally.

The demand for online videos is still growing exponentially. As a direct result, the amount of commercial videos hosting sites designed to meet that demand is also growing.

Broadcasters that wish to break into this market need a service specially developed to meet all their requirements, including the simplification of content distribution to end-users.

Goose is not only a key alternative to achieve this, it also provides detailed information on the income generated through the platform. Having access to subscriptions, conversion and retention rates, and daily active users will help you to:

. Make good business decisions

. Build customer loyalty

. Manage risk of subscriber loss

. Improve overall performance

Your choice

There are many ways to monetize your OTT app and our platform accepts most of them. You simply need to choose the one that best suits your business. Or you can even think about working with one of the hybrid models of monetization listed below:

  • SUBSCRIPTION: Offers access for a monthly or yearly recurring fee.
  • PAY PER VIEW: Offers access to selected content at a one-time fee.
  • BUNDLES: Offers different bundles of content and services tailored to your client base.
  • FREE TRIAL: Attracts new users by allowing them to try your product for free for a limited time.
  • RENTALS: Charges for limited-time access to selected content.
  • AD SUPPORTED: Offers ad space to sponsor brands that want to reach your viewer base.

1.Set up 2. Create a network 3. Monetize

In order to get started, you must have quality content that users will be willing to pay for. An OTT app made for them that includes all the features they want and all the support they need is essential for the creation of a sustainable business.

With Goose, you will be able to set up your app, pack it, choose a variety of income models and create your own network of resellers. Our platform was designed to increase the conversion rate of potential clients into subscribers guaranteeing a great payment experience for end-users.

From our Panel tool, you will be able to manage the network of resellers, simplify market launch, hasten content monetization and receive payments in more than 130 international currencies thanks to our collaboration with PayPal.

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