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Closer to the sky, watch TV in the cloud

Closer to the sky, watch TV in the cloud

Cloud TV meets new industry demands.

Recently the industry has undergone several changes, demanding higher quality and a more personalized and interactive user experience. Today’s video consumption has a more customized approach, is capable of reaching multiple devices, and it also gives users the possibility to have greater control over the type of content they are interested in viewing.

These advances, driven by technological development, triggered favorable conditions for broadcasters to develop Cloud TV platforms. Now the market requires a more sophisticated system than the ones effectuated with traditional distribution.

Global Cloud TV platforms can be structured in 3 segments:

  1. Private cloud: Managed by an organization and/or a third-party provider.
  2. Public cloud: Available for public use. The market share of this segment is expected to grow in the upcoming years due to its agile deployment for cloud TV providers (allowing greater scalability, reliability, and access in its delivery).
  3. Hybrid cloud: Private and public cloud network. Its revenues is expected to boost thanks to its rising adaption in developing countries. It represents a possibility of having better scalability and higher digital content protection.

Moving over concerns, piracy of digital content, as well as the high-speed capacity of networks in developing countries, stand out from the platform challenges, representing possible threats to the Cloud TV market development for the years to come.

North America is forecasted to remain with its leading role in the global market share, holding the major amount because of its fast technological evolution together with the rapid consumer adaptation to the Cloud TV system.

Cloud Tv features are specially designed to meet new industry demands, to help operators and other video service providers achieve a more advanced user interface and online video experience in the delivery of video, multimedia content, and audio over the Internet, through a wireless connection. Among them, Analytics makes it a win-win kind of deal for operators, who are constantly seeking to increase their profitability.

The platform focuses on providing appealing content for its users, including LiveTv , VOD, and web surfing as part of the package. Available from any spot of the world that counts with internet access, plus the possibility of being displayed in different smart device formats (tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs).

With Cloud Tv, the experience is now closer to fulfilling the market expectations.

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