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Live TV streaming IPTV and OTT

Live TV streaming IPTV and OTT

An overview of the main differences

Television, in one format or another, has been an essential part of our daily lives for several years now. Access to live content streaming on any kind of internet-enabled device is a current undeniable reality.

This industry has grown exponentially over the last few years and it seems like it will continue to do so. Internet videos can be “served” by IPTV or OTT services. But what are the differences between these two technologies?

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV): It uses TV signal over broadband connections, taking into account Internet Protocol. The key point here is that, usually, the broadband operator provides the signal, using its own infrastructure with a reserved bandwidth. This is precisely what guarantees the quality and distribution of its signal.

IPTV creates a private and direct network between the service provider and the user. This means that content can be accessed without the need of having an internet connection, since just having the carrier’s router or decoder on is enough. Channels are transmitted on demand.

OTT (Over-the-top): It is a free transmission service that delivers audiovisual content on the internet, instead of using traditional systems such as cable, terrestrial and satellite television.

OTT apps allow content providers to instantly stream videos to their clients using any kind of web-enabled devices, such as tablets, smartphones and TVs. What’s interesting about this service is that the internet provider does not have any influence or control over content. It has a cheaper and simpler infrastructure and it does not have a specific distribution network.

Without a doubt, things have changed and web TV is laying the foundations on which a new world of streaming and live content will be built.

The development of OTT apps for mobile devices and television sets can help you grow your list of clients and increase your income in the short term by up to 31%. By investing in your own OTT app, you will get to see first-hand all the benefits of this new trend.

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