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Reshaping the game. The Titan of 5G and the internet of things

Reshaping the game. The Titan of 5G and the internet of things

Things that were merely imagined yesterday are possible today!

We are getting closer and closer to fulfilling a new goal in the digital bucket list. A boost for users’ experience that enables them to enjoy a more comfortable and productive service behind the internet of things’ rapid growth. The dynamism of the digital ecosystem is so powerful that it is capable of changing its paradigms in a single blink. 

This continuous metamorphosis is now pointing towards the fusion of 5G with the internet of things, something that would exponentially improve the current conditions by solving the bandwidth limitations and allowing, at the same time, a much greater network between devices.

Currently, 4G is the standard cellular network that we are commonly familiar with. To outline an idea, 4G offers a speed ranging from 7 Mbps to 17 Mbps for upload and 12 to 36 for download, while in contrast, 5G counts with transmission speeds that may be as high as 15 or 20 Gbps, together with significantly lower latency and a wider range of connected devices that match the demands of modern markets just like a glove.

It’s clear then that the development of 5G will radically change the existing rules in almost every industry, gaining a near-total sphere of influence. This titan will drag with it a 360º leap in our lifestyle, in infrastructure and in the way we use and relate with things. Vehicles, homes, healthcare, and smart cities, generally speaking, will be transversally affected by the consequences of this game-changer phenomenon.

The situation represents a massive opportunity for The Internet of Things (IoT) business. The record-breaker speed, together with the development of stable connections and the possibility to have easier access to valuable information, gives IoT the chance to maximize its features, offering benefits with greater performance and reliability in a world that is more connected than ever.  

However, there is one requirement that must be followed, the access ticket to this groundbreaking initiative will logically depend on the ability of systems to adapt and thereby be compatible with 5G.

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