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Spotlight on June’s trending content.

Spotlight on June’s trending content.

From “Doctor Strange ” to “No time to Die”: all the groundbreaking series that launched this month.

Things are spicing up in the market for streaming platforms, content offerings are wide. There is something specially prepared for all tastes and interests in order to capture and captivate viewers’ attention.

The arrival of long-awaited content finally took place in June.

After a month of launches that blazed the trail in May, where the return of “Stranger Things” with its 4th season on Netflix led the way, the series and movies that are under the spotlight and starring in this month’s agenda do not fall behind on viewers’ top of minds.

The biggest event coming to streaming in the current month was announced by Disney+ with “Doctor Strange” a surprisingly early sequel launch, scheduled for the 22 of June. With this news, the platform managed to position itself at the forefront of most awaited market releases. Marvel fans are counting the minutes to log into their Disney+ accounts and finally get to press the play button.

Following the theme, there are more superhero-related updates:

On the one hand, “Ms. Marvel”, this series faces a dynamic from a different perspective, featuring a young girl who seeks to find the balance between her teenage life while trying to control the challenges presented by her superpowers. Although results are estimated to be good, they are still uncertain.

On the other side, Prime Video kicked off the month with the arrival of season 3 of “The Boys”, an atypical proposal where subscribers will find morally complex heroes and villains on-screen. These Antiheroes show promises to be funnier, bloodier, and more emotional than anything you have seen in the past seasons.

Moving forward over the list of June top picks, “No time to Die” on Amazon Prime Video, “The Northman” on Peacock, together with the appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic movies on Netflix (“Titanic” and “The Departed”) and Paramount+ (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), are also some other popular headlines worth highlighting in streaming platforms latest line-up additions. Nevertheless, this is not it; the catalog of series and movies launched in June goes on and on.

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