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The allure of video content

The allure of video content

84% of consumers tend to click buy after watching video plus are twice as likely to share it.

According to Cisco, videos are expected to account the 82% of online traffic this year. There is no turning back. The participation of this kind of format in business is a one-way trip that only reinforces and improves over time.

Below you will find some trends you can’t miss for your video strategy this year:

1. Live video: it establishes a special bond of proximity with consumers that is functional to people’s desire to find authentic brands. It has been proved that the engagement rate is higher under this modality.

This resource has a wide scope, reaching from influencers’ content promotion to musicians’ virtual concerts.

2. Search Optimized videos: All roads lead to the internet. Make sure your videos optimize your search engine results. Make them relevant and appealing to consumers, follow a consistent plan when generating content (share videos regularly), and take advantage of the technical tools provided to boost optimization.

3. Social Media: It represents the personality of the brand. It works as a direct and simple way of interaction between the brand and its customers.

Be strategic. Don’t forget to play with formats (think about which one might be more suitable for the content you want to share), make it dynamic and adaptable to different devices. 

4. AR and VR videos: virtual experience is getting stronger as time goes by and consumers do not plan to leave this feature aside.

5. Use Tv- Connected hosting platforms: Video hosting platforms with tv capabilities are acquiring a greater presence. With the arrival of smart TVs the “big screen” demand became very popular among the audience.

What are you waiting for? Stand out and make the most out of your video strategy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the streaming industry, we suggest you read Artillery in the battle for engagement.

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