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The E-learning legacy

The E-learning legacy

How far will it go? A journey with no turning back.

This string of changes and improvements in the academic system represents a big leap in its development and certainly sets a turning point in learning history.

The existence of e-learning is nothing new, however, the demands of the current world led to its accelerated growth.

Today’s digital scenario reflects a wide range of possibilities, where formats and content are varied, flexible, and the scope extends from the students’ classrooms to company offices.

But let’s take a deeper look. Which are the concrete advantages of digital learning?

1. Time: students and employees have unlimited and immediate access to content. Also, under this modality, most of the tasks are programmed, which eliminates the extra time spent on corrections.

It is important to highlight as well that e-learning has developed a personalized approach, adapted to the user’s needs and preferences. Users can set their learning rhythm.
According to studies, compared to the traditional learning format, this digital alternative saves up to 60% of our time.

2. Cost-effectiveness: With online fast and easy DNA the cost-effectiveness is greater. There is no need to invest in classroom material, nor in the building’s facilities or transportation, not to mention the possibility to work or study abroad and, as we said before, the significant cost optimization generated by the automatization of many of its processes.

3. Effectiveness: E-learning has better results when it comes to content assimilation. Dynamic and interactive resources provided by digital platforms cleared the way for more effective information retention. On the other hand, it has also been proved that e-learning ensures consistency in the delivery of messages and quality equality.

4. Reduce environmental damage: It has been proven that “distance learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional face-to-face courses”.

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