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TikTok makes its way into Smart TVs

TikTok makes its way into Smart TVs

The social media app popularly known for the incredible reach of its short videos, and crowned as one of the most downloaded in mobile, decided to raise the bar and expand its audience. This time, they’re betting on an application suitable for smart TVs, heading this way into the challenge of pursuing the goal of watching their videos through any screen.

The brand’s Vice President said, “I am thrilled that entire families will be able to enjoy their favorite TikTok videos, all together, on the best screen at home”.

Samsung was the pioneer in its launch, however, LG, Fire TV, and Android TV did not fall behind and recently announced the follow-up on the sequel started by the South Korean company. 

However, TikTok will be available only in the latest Smart TV models, running with webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0, and only in selected countries.

Many questions arise around the compatibility of the mobile application with TV software, where doubts are especially focused on the vertical video format.

Anyway, changes to create a better customer experience continue to be assessed.

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